My Rising Star Diary #424


Hello and welcome to my Rising Star diary. I have been playing this game for 456 days now, my level is 166 and I have completed 18,926 missions.

Image Source: Rising Star

At the time of writing, I have a total of 348,454 fans which includes 300,824 from 7,568 cards and 47,630 temporary drunk fans. My total luck is 52,451 and my IM is 5,097. My skill from cards is 196,826 and from lessons is 598,147 and the total is 794,973. My ego from fans is 348,454 and from missions is 396,991 with a total of 745,445.

January 29, 2023                              
STARBITS earned111,611
Temporary fans found44,090
Skill from Missions4,292
Ego from Missions3,936
Discarded Pizza found7
Coffee found8
Four Leaf Clover found1
XP gained1,507
Missions completed56
MissionCompleted TodayStarbits Earned
Illegal Busking913,412
Open Mic Night916,052
Midweek Support Slot36,882
Radio Interview1013,533
Radio Studio Session37,462
Local Mini Tour Support13,389
Band Rehearsal921,495
Full Band Support919,386
STARBITS Millionaire110,000
Orchestral Lesson24,292

Target for January 2023

Card Fans200,000300,824150.41%

Overall Target

Card Fans1,000,000300,82430.08%

Cards & Packs Purchased

My target for the month of January is complete. So, I'm not going to buy cards in bulk. No cards were purchased today.

RisingStar is a wonderful game and I have been playing it for a long time and I play it everyday. If you want to play the game then click here.

Thats all folks! Have a nice day.