My Rising Star Diary #6


My Rising Star Diary #6

Hello and welcome to my Rising Star dairy. I have been playing this game for 37 days now, my level is 48 and I have completed 843 missions.


At the time of writing, I have a total of 28,668 fans which includes 27,815 from cards and 853 temporary drunk fans. My total luck is 3,785 and my IM is 616. My skill from cards is 29,384 and from lessons is 1,752 and the total is 31,136. My ego from fans is 28,668 and from missions is 2,294 with a total of 30,962.

December 06, 2021                              
STARBITS earned10,876
Temporary fans found2,228
Skill from Missions119
Ego from Missions74
Discarded Pizza found4
Coffee found3
Four Leaf Clover found0
XP gained1,881
Missions completed29
MissionCompleted Today
Illegal Busking4
Open Mic Night4
Midweek Support Slot5
Busking With A License0
Midweek Headline Slot4
Saturday Support0
Saturday Headline0
Radio Interview4
Radio Studio Session1
Shopping Mall4
Record A Demo0
Acoustic Tent1
Basic Singing Lesson2
Total Missions29
Mission Achievements
100 Illegal Busking Missions

My strategy is to complete around 30 missions per day. Since, by doing the missions I get around 100 ego. So, I also do 2 music lessons from which I get more than 125 skills.

Thats all folks! Have a nice day.