Concentrate your efforts or spread your net wide? The wisdom to know when and where to apply each principle - Part 1 of 2


An Analogy

Two young men; Dolby and Solomon arrived the famed Gold city and started seeking out for the precious metal at the young age of 25.



They both struck gold big, but Solomon did it in 4years and Dolby in 45years! What is the reason behind such drastic difference in fortunes? Well, here are the difference between how this two chose to go about their venture.

  1. Dolby started digging the moment he stepped foot in Gold City, while Solomon started digging the second year after his arrival (he spent the first year researching the best location to dig)

  2. Dolby dug over 5000 different wells in 45 years before he found Gold, while Solomon kept digging just 1 well in 3years till he struck gold.

    Now the both of them exhibited perseverance, determination, patience, and all the necessary ingredients for success, but Dolby lacked one key ingredient...

Some call it initiative, some a discerning spirit, Others just call it common sense (though not so common), but wisdom is not knowledge; they both had knowledge, that's why they came to the same place for the same purpose. But one had the wisdom to know that he needed more knowledge before he could proceed, he had the wisdom to know that time is precious, more precious than the gold he came to find, and as such, his every step must be precise and backed by informed decision!

Most of us are Dolby right now, digging our 1000th well without any guarantee we would find gold in it, yet we keep digging.
Yes, I know some will say Dolby eventually made it big also, but at what cost? He was already an old man when he made it big financially, I don't know about you but I would have very little need for money at such an age when I just want to have my loved ones around me and peace of mind.
But it's never too late to retrace wrong steps, and look for the right direction! So before you start that venture, ask yourself; Is there a guarantee of finding gold at the bottom of this well?" If you're unsure of the answer, then it might just be an indication that you're about to become Dolby, so please revisit your drawing board.

In a different situation, the direct opposite of concentrating our efforts is exactly what we need, this i would explain with an analogy also in the part 2 of this article.

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