"Keumaweuh" is The Unique Aceh Tradition for Supporting Pregnant Women

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We should be proud of Aceh's long-standing tradition of promoting safety for pregnant women during delivery. Earlier today, I took part in a traditional procession called Keumaweuh. The culture of the Acehnese people with its various customs is unique. One of these traditions is the Keumaweuh tradition. It is a traditional way for the mother-to-be and both sides of the family to show gratitude for welcoming the first baby. I was previously unfamiliar with this tradition because I come from a different tribe, the Gayo tribe, while this tradition is an Acehnese tradition. Another name for the Keumaweuh tradition is "Ba Bu Gateng" (1), which means bringing the most delicious rice. In addition to the most nutritious food, fruit is offered to the pregnant mother.




Keumaweuh is a traditional procession that represents the happiness of every couple awaiting the birth of their first child. The mother-to-be will be seated on a mattress to be "Peusijuk" (2). Before being Peusijuk, the guests are invited to eat the food that has been provided by the family. In Javanese tradition, this is also called "Nujuh Bulanan" (3).



From an anthropological point of view, pregnancy is a symbol of fertility and a sign of the birth of a new generation that must be welcomed carefully. The expression of happiness is defined by cooking and eating together (Peunajoh) (4). This event still respects manners and is still festive. Additionally, the birth of a child is welcomed. The husband and the husband's family will meet the wife and her family in a solemn ceremony.




This Keumaweuh tradition also has the same meaning as delivering rice "Jak Me Bu" (5). If we talk about status, then the higher the social quality of a person in society, the quantity of food brought must be larger and more luxurious. Extraordinary. Although it looks arrogant, this tradition is full of solemnity and accompanied by prayers.



Some of the foods commonly seen in this tradition are rice in large quantities available in a large container. In addition, mutton, beef, fish, and eggs are cooked in spicy curry or white curry. There are also fruits and some local specialties such as Dodol, Meusekat (6), sweet cakes (haluwa), and wajik (7).




The tradition is usually performed between 0 and 3 months of pregnancy, between 4 and 7 months of pregnancy, or between 6 and 8 months of pregnancy. The most meaningful thing about this tradition is the growing spirit of togetherness and social sensitivity in the community. From a psychological perspective, this is certainly very positive for the mother-to-be's self-confidence and nutrition.




Well, what I captured in this unique activity was that togetherness. How could I not? The enthusiasm of the family is very large here and every word that comes out of their mouths is a string of prayers for the safety of the mother-to-be and her baby. I believe this is one of the traditions that has lasted to this day. The activity is very simple but filled with expressions of gratitude to God for giving the trust of a child to Him.



My first experience of the day really made me happy, especially since it was my first time participating. I was able to eat delicious food from the hands of my family. And of course, I also pray that the couple will always be happy and become lovable parents to their children. If you want to experience this culture, come to Aceh or marry an Acehnese. Then you will definitely follow this tradition. Come on, let's eat together.



You can view the meaning of any difficult-to-understand or hard-to-read sentence here.

(1.) [Ba Bu Gateng] means Bring the most delicious rice in a container
(2.). [Peusijuek] means a traditional procession in an Acehnese culture that is still practiced today.
(3.) [Nujuh Bulanan] refers to a pregnancy event that occurs during the seventh month of a woman's pregnancy for her first child.
(4.) [Peunajoh] means all kinds of Acehnese specialties
(5.) [Jak Me Bu] means bring a rice

(6.) [Dodol and Meuseukat] means Acehnese specialties with a soft texture and sweet taste
(7.) [Wajik] means sweets made from a mixture of sticky rice, sugar, and coconut and cut into diamond shapes



In recent times, the tradition has been revived, but sadly, many young couples are unaware of this noble tradition. I hope that promoting this, it can help everyone to recognize their own culture. Many cultures live in our midst, but we don't care about them enough to make them foreign.

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Wow, this culture is unique 👌
Imagine their togetherness, and how they value women over there. I like this. Thanks for sharing 👍


Thank you so much my friend @nkemakonam89 for your appreciation. To be honest, women here are highly honored. Behind the gentleness of Acehnese women lies firmness and courage. You can read the history of Admiral Malahayati, a female commander at sea who drove invaders out of Aceh in the past. Furthermore, by honoring women, there is a belief that golden generations are destined to be born from their wombs. Conversely, by demeaning women, a generation that continues to demean women will emerge. That's what I and perhaps all of us believe.


Hi there, @elchaleefatoe15. 😃 I love cultures that honour and celebrate mothers to-be because it means respect for motherhood and also blessings for the new generation.

The most meaningful thing about this tradition is the growing spirit of togetherness and social sensitivity in the community.

You are very correct. Traditions like this brings the community together in unity. It's a good thing this tradition is being revived in Aceh. These are cool pictures and the plates of food look delicious! 😃😃

Thanks for sharing. 😊😊🤗