Beautiful Sunday + Sublime Sunday



Happy Sunday!

How's your Sunday? We, Malaysians, woke up to a hung parliament. No firm news of anything yet I think... I wonder what will we wake up to tomorrow... Hope everything is going to a good start... (not ending, yup, coz it's no where near ending...)

A normal and usual Sunday for us... we had a great evening... daddy brought us to a new place... KL Gateway Mall... Don't think this is really a very new mall, but then due to Covid and the lockdown... we haven't been out a lot... This mall, unlike the one that we normally go to... personally I feel there's not as many shops or stores inside... this is a better place for meeting and work or learning and sport. There's gym, acrobatic lion dance workshop, co-working space,etc... If not mistaken, above the mall is residence condominium... It has spacious lobby for event...

I may not come here with my girls the next time, but this is a good gathering place for friends... Parking rate is reasonable. There's quite a number of cafe and variety of restaurants here...

First 2 hours or part there of – RM2 (1.23 Hive)
Every subsequent hour or part there of – RM2 (1.23 Hive)
Flat rate (6pm – 12am) – RM2 / Entry (1.23 Hive)

Weekend and Public Holidays
First 2 hours or part there of – RM3 (1.85 Hive)
Every subsequent hour or part there of – RM1 (0.62 Hive)
Flat rate (6pm – 12am) – RM3 / Entry (1.85 Hive)

Christmas is just around the corner... Love the Christmas decorations here... So snap snap snap... even my girls are taking lots of selfies too... posing and shooting here and there... Mummy is recording this down... I am gonna show this to them 10 years later... It will be fun, just like now I love to show them their baby photos... telling them how were they back then... Would you do this to your little ones?


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