Great News

Wow! I am accepted to be Trezor affiliate partner. I am researching to buy myself a hardware wallet and I am looking at Trezor. And I saw there's an affiliate system, and I thought well, why not just try my luck and apply. Who knows, right? 🤗🤗🤗 And I got it...


I am looking forward to get my hands on my Trezor One. 😃😃😃 I will do an unboxing when I got mine...


Why I wanna get Trezor? It's not because I am a whale. I am not yet a whale. In fact every one of us, as long as we own crypto, we are in charge of our own crypto assets security. We must ensure our crypto are safe. Metamask is not safe. TronLink is not safe. Terra Station is not safe. Because mine were hacked in the ransomware incident last Saturday. So in order to protect my future crypto in these web wallets, I have to get myself a hardware wallet.

Here's my shop affiliate link. If you are planning to get yourself a Trezor, you can check it out from my link.

P/S: Do make sure it's the official Trezor shop link and official affiliate link. Don't simply buy a Trezor from any unauthorized sites.

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