A Bimble Around Bottom Wood and the Old Farm


It was a bit cooler this morning as I had a walk through the lovely named Bottom Wood with the pooch. I parked up at the entrance to the walk near the gate, took the diagonal footpath, and kept going. I bumped into someone with 2 dogs. I put Buddy on the lead, but the other owner told me her dogs were friendly. That's good, but they always assume your dog is, too. Anyway, all the pooches got on OK but you can't be too careful.

It is one of my favourite circular walks in the area. I've found out recently that the dilapidated stone building used to be farm. I'm unsure as to why it was left to go to ruin. It's in the middle of nowhere so not the easiest place to get to.

The building still has a lovely, mossy stone wall around part of it.

I like the tree that is growing through the stone wall.

It's always a bit creepy in this part as the branches of the trees looked like tentacles and are out to get you!

The rhododendron bushes are usually in full bloom in June. As we've had quite warm weather these past few weeks, one looked as though it had bloomed early and now past its best. They still looked nice, though.

It was an enjoyable hour and a half walk, even though it was a bit chilly and overcast. All the way round I wished I'd put some gloves on, only to find out at the end they were in my jacket pocket all along! School girl error ....