A Dog Walk Along the Local Dam

I had a walk along the dam this morning with the pooch that I'm looking after at the moment. I had to keep him on the lead as there was quite a bit of wildlife on the water, including a couple of Canada geese and a mallard with her ducklings. He wouldn't hurt them, but the Canada Geese might hurt him!

On the other side of the dam was a swan and eight or nine little cygnets.

Once past the dam, I let Buddy off the lead so he could have a paddle in the stream. He's a bit of a water baby. Why do dogs always wait until they're right next to you before they shake the water off themselves??

After wiping myself down, we walked through the fields with some lovely trees full of blossom. As it's the weekend, there were a few other dog walkers about, so we had to do a few detours.

We did a circular walk and came back through the barley fields. Buddy did a few zoomies and tired himself out.

I should be quite fit when Buddy finally goes back home with all the walking we've done. On the positive side, I can eat more chocolate!


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