A Walk Around Lumsdale Falls and the Old Mills

We called in at Lumsdale Falls near Matlock in Derbyshire, which isn't too far from me. We parked at the bottom and made our way to the waterfall, climbing up the stone steps.

We could hear the waterfall before we saw it. It was quite impressive today with all the rain that we've had.

Around the waterfalls, there are various old mills that were used until the 1930s, mainly for cotton spinning, bleaching, grinding corn, bone and minerals.

There was a few information boards and maps telling you all about the area's industrial history, which was helpful.

A couple of years ago, we were able to walk around the ruins of the mills but at weekends and Bank Holidays the area is fenced off for safety reasons. You can still see them from the top.

The tree roots were hanging on for dear life.

Right at the top was a chimney.
There are a few underground flues that served the many industries. Source

It was an interesting area to visit, not just for the waterfalls but to also see the history of the place.


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