PRESSURE is the assertion of force on something, this was actually the way I felt yesterday at work, I was hell bent to do more within a short-time, before now I do a certain number for the day on my shift, but when last month ended my employer called me to her office and said that I have actually under produced for the previous month and because of that my salary was affected, I wasn't going to get my full salary because of my underperfomermance.

I felt bad about it, cause I was producing within the suppose Limit, due to other factors I consider, like returns after daily sales and availability of materials for productions, even tho I tried explaining all this to my EMD she didn't care but was bent on me reaching my daily production target. As to make matters worse my salary will now depend on my daily production any day I fall short that's my salary gone for the day.

Now attaching this string to my salary was asserting a kind of pressure on me to act beyond limit, not like I'm scared of it or like i'm new to all of these but my major challenge as always been availability of materials for production, however this means that i have to create a new strategy to ease me with the stress that comes with the new ORDER.

Alright so I'm a Pastery chef, for the mean time i'm in charge of a department that produces SMALL CHOPS Small chops is a kind of combo, its a combination of Spring rolls, samosa, nigerian puff, and a medium seized chicken, all of these packed in a transparent takeout plate wrapped using a clingfilm .

The required amount i have to produce daily is 50plates if I'm on morning shift and thirty if I'm on afternoon shift, but i was only doing 40 and 20 instead, reason been that certain materials were not available but i have to scale up now despite this challenges.

I loved it, i love been under pressure cause at that moment i'm at my best, like I'm on my premium performing act, i love when i'm fully engaged, actually doing something worthwhile with my time, thats maximum point.

Utilizing time with productive engagement efficiently and effectively.

Same principle applies on hive blockchain, before now i was this one-off, once per time cont

Lent creator on the chain not untill i came accross a system that propels me to go beyond my limit, asserting pressure on me to have to engage communities , creating content on daily basis so to meet up a weekly target....

This pressure is some sort of external and internal force, that propels us to do more, just like certain conditions of life that will make you act in ways that naturally you would not be able to, but when you look around and see that's the only option left available amd have no choice than to run with what you've got..

Thanks dearly @cityofneoxian my first time posting @eminentsam