Bridging The Gap Between Talent And Hardwork

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I will talk on bridging the gap between talent and hard work. This will permit me to also define in clear terms what talent and hard work signifies.

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What is talent?

Talent as the name implies is the inborn natural gift one finds pleasure in doing and as a result can earn a living out of it. In fact it’s advisable to follow your talent because it’s your passion, you will explore through it.

What is Hard work?

Hard work are those activities you carry out to build your talent.
One thing about both is that one can be talented or gifted in a particular area of concern but if you do not develop, train or build yourself to be perfect at it, it might just be useless to you.

In a nutshell, no one is been given the complete talent about an area of specialization. You only realize part of it in you and work towards exploration which is known as the hard work part.
This simply implies everyone on earth has a talent; the problem lies in developing yours to earn a living out of it.

A brief story about my self

I just like to teach doesn’t mean I will end up in a primary or secondary school as a class teacher, No.
There are some specializations I am good at such as programming, I can teach the course very well to your understanding. When I realized I got the teaching passion was when I was called to teach.


Firstly, I started with a lay man understanding of the subject and try to bring ideas together to create a clear understanding of the subject to my audience. Not until I realized people shaking head at my speech.

Teaching is my talent, and any subject matter I have gone through, I realized I will be able to teach it from a different point of view which makes more clear sense to even a child.

How to develop your talent

Having learnt much about talent and hard work, there is this rhetoric question of how to develop your talent.
You can develop your talent by carrying out the following;

Have a guide/ mentor

This is very important as there are different diversifications towards exploring a particular talent. But having a mentor will guide you towards making mistakes of life. A lot of people wish they could have a mentor which is a public figure.


For instance, I want to be a teacher and I once had Myles Munroe as my mentor. I knew distance could be a barrier for meeting him when he was still alive but I can still take him as my mentor by watching his videos on how he taught people.To have a closer mentor is essential why you focus on the higher one too.

Read extensively

As long as you call it your talent, reading books written by authors with similar talent will not become a burden to you. It will develop you to your passion.


Pray to the creator

People have good dreams but to others it seems there is a barrier to accomplishing theirs but through your prayers, you will be able to accomplish yours in Jesus name. Amen


Thanks so much for the time spent reading