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ancient knowledge has proven that the body changes every moment, cells die and reproduce, and we shed hair and skin cells too. Above all growth is a continuous process whereby we continue to evolve and change daily.
Introducing Myself depicts the state of me at this moment, whatever you see is subject to change except for my soul, which is eternal. Finally got on hive Blockchain after two tries, seems I was destined to be on the hive. blog and I hope to make new friends and see new places and have a new experience in content writing and blogging



Officially known as Emmanuel Daniel (emmyflames) three decades ago I was born in (Calabar ) Nigeria to the most remarkable clan. I grew up to be a handsome and smart working man who dreams to Dominate the business world and I love arts and books;
my core interests are content writing, music, politics, and education. I love to teach, and impart knowledge to younger folks, especially in the new world where young people need all the guidance they could get. Development starts with the individual and extends to the environment
I want to especially acknowledge my friend#Lukaz364 for introducing me to this hive
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Have a lovely hive time 😅



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