ERICA J #monomad challenge

Sometimes in 2017, i've had a booking for a session, got to the loction and set up while makeup was getting ready. As i was going through the wears for the shoot, i noticed some of the accessories don't match with the outfit(s) designated for.
Shoot was stoll while we try to sort for alternative. So i went to the next apartment, knocked at the door and there opens the door a black beauty, i couldn't hold it i just have t0 say "wow".
I explined my condition and what i wish from her and the type of accessories i wish i could get and she just asked me to wait whie she sort it for me and later come in to assist for the shoot.
After the shoot, without makeup, i just asked if i could photograph her, smiles. i could hear the giggle and with a beautiful smile on her face, she oblige. That's pretty rear, photograph a lady without a makeup on and she accepted?
We later became friends, and i discovered she had just visited a friend at the time of my shoot(what an Angel) as she's based in PortHarcourt and she told me her passion for modeling.
We had some projects afterwards. Thank you ERICA JACKSON for been kind.
This is my entry for today's #monomad challenge
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