My entry to the Freewiters contest:A picture is worth a thousand words

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"Come on! Just take the damn thing Man"

Phil stared at the dangerous metallic object on the table that is said would bring an end to all his problems,his friend's whispered screams ringing in his ears.

How is he going to get himself out of this mess?
How did it all get to this point of no return?

"You can't keep living this way"Ken,Phil's friend says again,loud enough to bring Phil back from the million thoughts that ran through his head.

Still,he says nothing in reply.

"Why aren't you saying anything"? Ken asks,to which the reply is another silence from Phil.

"Look Bro, I'm out" Ken says,grabbing his keys and wallet. "If I were you, I'll end this once and for all time" Ken say these last words before slamming the door shut and joining the rest of the gang in the car.

The car can be heard pulling out of the driveway.

It's been two months since his flight from one location to another started and it doesn't seem to have an end.

If only he knew it would all turn out this way,he wouldn't have borrowed money from a bad guy like Josh.

Now how is he going to pay him back?

"You can't run away from me,I will always find you. Don't try to play smart" Phil will always remember these words

No matter where he runs to,Josh always had his way of finding him and everytime it happens,the encounter ends badly.

Phil had borrowed quite a huge sum of money from Josh to settle his accumulated debts,from his rents to his insurances and to practically everything.

This is not how he imagined moving out of home would be

This is not how he imagined being independent would be.

All he ever wanted was to be free from his parents watchful eyes constantly being on him or so he thought.

Now he can't even live at peace anymore because he knows whom he is dealing with.

"You know,you can always come home whenever you want" Phil remembers his mother's last words before he stepped out of the house.

But hell no,there is no way he is going to be able to face her after getting himself into so much trouble.

Now the only way is to try and end this whole mess.

"I have your money" Phil says into the phone and it can only be one person he's talking to.

He dresses up in his black jeans and black hoodie,big enough to hide the object behind.They were going to meet up in a location he chose.

An open field.

Big enough for him to execute his plan without having to get so close to the target.

Big enough for him to make a run for it if things gets difficult or so he thought.

But can he be able to make a run again?

He would hide the body in the bush nearby, nobody's gonna know.

Everything had been planned.

He inspects the guns again as if he has ever used one in his 20 years of breathing in oxygen. Nevertheless, it's now or never.

Ken has let him borrow his car, because how else is he going to drive so far away to end the mess he has gotten himself into?

Josh already had his car,would return it if Phil paid what he owed.

Phil arrived at the said location and waited for Josh,hands grasping to the gun behind.

Josh could be sighted walking from the opposite direction, seemingly without anything.

This should be easier,Phil thought

He should wait for him to get closer so that he wouldn't have to fire twice.

The next thing that happened was faster than the speed of light. With both parties pointing their guns at each other,one fired,one dropped.

But who could be the victim?


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So hard to decide who the victim was, haha.

Both had plans to outsmart the other.

Beautifully written story @empressjay


It was fun writing it 🙂. Thank you for reading


Josh knew what Phil was up to...
Goodbye Phil, you should have listened to your mother.

Thank you for joining pic1000.👍
We wish you a peaceful, warm, and bright 🎄December
With love @freewritehouse.