Andromeda's Solitude -Figuras Anónimas- [ENG/ESP]


Hello Hive!
I wish you a happy Sunday. Today I bring you a new Figuras Anónimas photoshoot. I present to you: Andromeda.

¡Hola Hive!
Les deseo un buen domingo. Hoy les traigo una nueva sesión de fotos de Figuras Anónimas. Les presento a Andrómeda.


Andromeda was left alone in a strange place. She doesn't know how she got there, she only remembers waking up in a bed that wasn't hers.
Why was she there? What was that place? She wondered, but there was no answer.

Andrómeda se quedó sola en un lugar extraño. No sabe cómo llegó allí, sólo recuerda que se despertó en una cama que no era la suya.
¿Por qué estaba allí? ¿Qué era ese lugar? Se preguntaba, pero no había respuesta.

Andromeda Re-edit-2.JPG

Andromeda Re-edit-3.JPG

Andromeda Re-edit-4.JPG

We did this photoshoot in a small apartment located 15 minutes away from my home. The owner is another model of the project, who gladly borrowed me the place to make this shoot.

It was Andromeda's first photoshoot without clothes, so she was a little nervous at first, but that feeling quickly vanished as soon as we did the first 2 or 3 photoshoots.

Hicimos esta sesión de fotos en un pequeño apartamento situado a 15 minutos de mi casa. El propietario es otro modelo del proyecto, que gustosamente me prestó el lugar para hacer esta sesión.

Era la primera sesión de fotos que Andrómeda hacía sin ropa, así que estaba un poco nerviosa al principio, pero esa sensación se desvaneció rápidamente en cuanto hicimos las primeras 2 o 3 fotos.

Andromeda Re-edit-8.JPG

Andromeda Re-edit-13.JPG

It was a little cloudy outside, so the light changed every moment. I used this to my advantage and tried different settings at the moment of shooting each photo.

Estaba un poco nublado en el exterior, por lo que la luz cambiaba a cada momento. Utilicé esto a mi favor y probé diferentes ajustes en el momento de disparar cada foto.

Andromeda Re-edit-14.JPG

Andromeda Re-edit-15.JPG

Andromeda Re-edit-16.JPG

This last photo is my favorite from that day. I like the colors of the curtains, the lighting, the contrast, and the pose.

Esta última foto es mi favorita de ese día. Me gustan los colores de las cortinas, la iluminación, el contraste y la pose.

Andromeda Re-edit-17.JPG


What do you think? Do you have a favorite picture? Let me know in the comments.
See you in the next post!

¿Qué te parece? ¿Tienes una foto favorita? Házmelo saber en los comentarios.
¡Nos vemos en el próximo post!


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Hi, I'm Ender Louis, professional photographer since 2016, editor with skills in Lightroom and Photoshop, retoucher and curious by nature.

Music fanatic, passionate about what I do, and with the vision to be a better version of myself every day.

Creator of Ender Louis and Figuras Anónimas, working every day to get closer to my goals and achieve my objectives.

I hope I can teach you something and learn something from you, so feel free to comment. Learning is a permanent process.



All photos taken by me. All models are over 18 years old.
All collages/headers were edited in Adobe Photoshop.


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For me, I think the last photo I love the most. The emotion and the lighting created a wonderful piece.