I don't worry when a door closes on me




There are many ways that lead us to a different path to success, that is why I have never worried when a door closes because I know that other doors will open for me and where I will find better content for my life and that is what should keep us with a positive attitude.

Many times we hear people worry because a door that they thought would benefit them a lot closes. When I listen to this type of person I tell them that the best is about to happen to them, the only thing is that they have to remain with their attitude of constancy to open better doors.

Not all doors will lead us to happiness or to what we want and that is why the ones that close to us others will open, this is life and this makes us better people by allowing us to be more resistant to failure, we cannot see a failure when a door closes to us, maybe we feel very sorry for losing X opportunity but if we do not get it is because it was not for us.

It is clear to me that there are multiple doors and if one of them closes, I will go through the others until I find the one I want to open, and if when I open it, it is not what I expected, I will keep looking for others until I reach the door that will give me the way to what I want to achieve, this has not stopped me nor will it stop me in my aspirations to achieve what I have set out to achieve in life.

With regrets we do not achieve anything, we only make ourselves sadder and sadder, that is why I recommend turning the page as soon as possible and move forward, only in this way we will have what we want in life, when one of our doors closes we have the possibility that there will be the biggest door that will lead us to the universe of opportunities where we have where to choose from.