Understand that life is about moments, that's why we are constantly going up and down



If there is something that has been clear to me since I became conscious is that life is of moments, that is, sometimes we can be at the top of one of our challenges achieved and other times we will be down with all the process invested and often demoralized but by understanding that life is of moments we know that the wheel of life with our perseverance will put us back on top of what we want to achieve.

I always share with people very close to me that we must make the most of all those moments of happiness because they will not last forever and when we have not so good or pleasant moments we must also be clear that this is also transitory and we will want them to pass as quickly as possible.

Although many people know what I write, if not all people know it, very few of these people understand the wheel of life which makes us go up and down constantly and maybe if something we can do is to maintain our constancy to speed up our exit when we are down and push us to the top of where we want to get and so we will get used to the turns that life naturally gives and that takes us in each one of them.

Everything for us will have its moment what we have to learn is when we must take advantage of the good ones and learn from those difficult moments to discard them as soon as possible something that many people find difficult because sometimes they get used to want to be bad to have the perfect excuse for not trying to take the wheel of life when going uphill.

Life goes around generating in each one of us different moments but our duty is to know how to take the rhythm to these turns and the rest will be learning, that is why I do not allow these turns to drag me from top to bottom so easily, I try to be perseverant at all times and if at some point I have to be down as it has happened to me, I get up and wait for the right moment to go back up and again stay as long as possible at the top.


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