Mark Zuckerberg’s custom Little League baseball card is getting turned into an NFT


Why has nobody Meme'd this shit?


Meme this stupid shit and win a stupid prize.... it's not $FART TOKEN though.... too precious to give those away.

Here's my meme:


Since it's a kid photo I decided to be nice and not draw a stick figure pissing on his face like this:

Screenshot (133).png

I mean, only an asshole would do that, right?

Screenshot (135).png

Perhaps I will make an NFT of this shitty card too and make some Libra or Meta cash lol!

That just gave me a more betterer idea. Even more betetterer than my original meme

Screenshot (137).png

So, go ahead and shoot your shot and see what you can come up with. Feel free to modify the image, photoshop it, use it as toilet paper.... whatever.

I just know that this needs to get memed. Bonus points if you create your own memed version and publish and actually sell the NFT. Who knows, maybe I'll even buy it if it makes me laugh.

I wasn't sure if "memed" was the past tense verb but google said it was

What is the past tense of meme?
verb (used without object), memed, meme·ing or mem·ing.

*Source GLOGGLE haha

anyway, I have like 8 more words to get to my 200 word minimum to get this post to Trumpmans minimum standard.... and I'm done


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Besides making memes with his face people should stop using his shitty services.