Here's something we had from Diesel Cafe

The only 1960’s American Diner themed resto-café in Kudla, Diesel has been at the fore of the citys contemporary food milieu, since ‘05.

Update: 9am - 11pm, all days.
Zomato/Swiggy available.

Birmingham Bangers & Mash

242924717_215427307244495_963501949618538916_n.jpeg 243334584_595200264850064_4744832601444221476_n.jpeg

While usually served in the UK with sausages made of ground red meat, these 4 are chicken. The interplay of flavours is in the mashed potatoes & onion gravy. The former is mixed with an appreciable amount of mustard, that cuts through the creamy potato & steamed chicken, while the lighter onion gravy has hints of pepper & thyme, with the faintest garnish of green pepper dusted around. We personally would’ve wished for a more pungent gravy (from more onion?), but enjoyed the nuanced dish all the same.

Food: 8/10
Price: ₹330