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Hello my Hivian friends! Welcome to our:

Food Blog | Cooking with Hubby

Today, we'll be sharing our latest menu for dinner.

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My husband and I love to combine our favorite meals when we eat together. He likes vegetables and meat, while I prefer vegetables and seafood or just veggies.

😍Here are the Ingredients and Instructions for what we cooked:😍

1. Onion Leaves
Chop them into small pieces just like in the picture below.

2. Tofu
You must buy the hard type.
Though it does not really feel hard.
It is just firm compared to the soft type.
So the first image on your right is how it looks like when you have taken it out from its packaging.
We need to slice them and drain to keep ready for frying.
After its fried and turned brown, drain of its oilyness and slice into cubes, just like in the 3rd picture below.

Out of its packaging
Then cut it to drain

TOFU is Life!

By the way, if you do not like to fry in oil, you can use an #Airfryer or the #Oven to cook your Tofu.

Then you can chop into cubes just like in the picture on your left which is Number 3.

Thanks to my Husband for frying and slicing the Tofu.


3. Needle Mushrooms aka Enoki Mushroom

Thoroughly wash and separate the mushrooms gently.
Then keep them aside while it is soaked in water.

needle mushroom-04.png

By the way, I just want to say. I love all kinds of mushrooms so very very much. 🍄🍄🍄


4. Baby Bok Choy or Chinese Chard or Pechay

Wash carefully and drain
pechay 4-05.png

5. Garlic
Peel them nicely.


6. Miso Paste
To make a tasty soup. Slrrp Away!!!

I chose this one brand and it tastes good for me. Also I hope to try others next time.
miso paste-08-08.png 7. Pork Meat
We decided to fry some pork meat, only because my husband is a real meat lover. Honestly, the soup and fried tofu was enough for me.
Anyway, so cut the meat into large cubes and put them in boiling water until the meat is soft. Then drain the meat, keep it dry and ready to fry in deep cooking oil.


Okay, so that's it for the ingredients.

Remember we have the soup ingredients and the fried tofu on the side and the fried pork meat (for your meat lovers).

I hope you like my divider artwork👆?
Also made it in Canva

Now! It's Time To Cook

1. Boil water in a #deep type kind of pan or pot. Once the water starts boiling, you can put in the garlic.

2. Take 2 tablespoons from the Miso paste and melt it in the same boiling water and mix. Best to use a small strainer to help you melt it evenly.

3. Drop in the onion leaves.

4. And of course, throw in the needle mushrooms. Stir and cover. Boil for at least 3 minutes and then ready to serve.


Now its time to bring them all to the table.

Bring in some soy sauce, vinegar and some pepper for you to dip in your tofu & fried meat; and bring out the rice.
My husband and I #love #rice.

dinner time enjoy.png

enjoy together.png

All photos were taken by me with my cellphone - One Plus 8 | Model: IN2013 | Camera 48+16+2MP Triple Camera

Thank you for being here!
Love lots,


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