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Hi to you,

This age has a number of advantages for those who want to learn something new: there is more free time, there is no rush

True. That's really something young people have to wait for. lol

Though I don't think such things can be generalised. I myself am 53 and am currently working my way into new software and started sewing about seven years ago. There's a saying: "You can't teach an old dog new tricks," and there's some truth in that. Because no matter how engaged I am and how good teaching is, I realize that there are certain limits I better accept as not to become frustrated about them.

brain does not age

The brain is not "alone", it belongs to the rest of the body and things like reduced vision or hearing as well as reduced physical endurance and mobility are part of learning. I can want to learn as much as I want, but if my eyes get tired or other senses are no longer as fresh and precise as they once were, my will is only capable of counteracting these disabilities to a limited extent.

I would say, however, that despite such limitations, it is possible to familiarise oneself with completely new topics and processes, but they require more time than in younger years. Usually, once you have acquired a certain amount of composure and patience, learning works quite well. More time because I have to take breaks more often, move my bones, get enough sleep and eat properly so that I am fit again. I see in young people (my son, just 18) that he learns something new with ease and doesn't need all these breaks.

It is conducive to learning that you engage with many different things throughout life and seek challenges that inspire you. Inspiration and curiosity are probably the best motives to engage with something completely new.

On the other hand, I think that the attitude of old people to always want to come across as young and dynamic is exaggerated and that they are bowing to a certain social pressure in which the old person has to prove that they are still good for something. Whereas I would say that such things result from a small self-worth and one could then perhaps think about whether it would not be better to be a little more lenient with oneself.

Greetings and have fun with painting and your accomplishments. :)