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Looks like the good days are over now. Yesterday was raining most of the day, today we are having light rain and the sun is nowhere to be seen, not even by mistake.

Another Medieval City Tour(2).jpg

Rain paired with cold will result in destroying everything autumn has created. Everything is gray now, those nice colorful leaves are turning into compost now, returning to the ground, starting their cycle. It's the middle of November and not my favorite time of the year as it can be good or bad.


When I was a little kid, this time of the year we knew snow is coming in max two weeks and that would meant paradise. We used to get some heavy winters with snow and temperatures as low as -25C. Those times are long gone, global warming has made tough winters impossible.


One week ago when we got the frost, nettle was still green and thriving. It is still green today but don't know for how long it can resist the cold.


This pine looked like a fake Christmas tree, the ones that you can buy in the supermarket, sprinkled with fake snow. Well, this wasn't fake snow, it was real frost. The funny thing was the leaves around and beneath it were not covered by frost, which gave this pine the fake look.


Then there was this scene. It's a bit controversial, seeing frost on a BURN can. Yes, some people don't care about nature, although the bin was next to where I found this energy drink can.


Here's another one, taken before the frost. A beer bottle buried in leaves.


Almost one month ago, when I was hunting for nice autumn photos, nature gifted me with this amazing setup. This pine is my favorite, we call it silver pine and I've always wanted one for Christmas. When I was a kid these type of Christmas trees costed a fortune and only the well off could afford it and we were not among them. Now that I'm older, I'm buying those that are coming from the nursery and even though I could afford to buy one, I am always opting for a reasonable price.

Back to this setup, I could hardly believe my eyes. It looked like the trees with the yellow leaves were placed in the background to highlight this silver pine. I loved it!


So now that's we're in the gray season, photography has a whole different meaning. You go out and as if lack of light would not be enough of a problem, nature is resting, there's nothing nice to photograph.


However, I have a plan. I think I'm going to be an architecture in my next life as I love buildings very much. I've been planning to do black and white architecture photos for some time now, but since nature has been treating me with so many nice scenes, I couldn't.


My editing skills are not the best, I still need to learn a lot so it's just about the time to shift focus and learn how to be better at black and white architecture photos.


This post is a mix. It's a transition between past, present and future.

So which one is your favorite?



The green mint (is it mint?) with the ice on it looks like ready for a cocktail ;)


I have to disappoint you, that is nettle 🙂
You don't find mint easily in the city.