RE: [ESP/ENG] ¡Miniblog! Recorriendo una bonita plaza con un nuevo peinado + Viaje a una casa rustica de Puebla / Miniblog! Touring a pretty plaza with a new hairstyle + Trip to a rustic house in Puebla 🏬💑🌋🏞


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Looks like you've been part of quite a lot of fun. Thanks for sharing this nice adventure.

I'd like to suggest you to look around the communities we have on Hive. If your post is more travel related, you can use Pinmapple, if it is more about photography, then we have Photography Lovers or if it is about your day mostly, we have the Daily Blog. These are just a few examples of communities you can choose from.

But there's the full list of communities ->

The idea behind the niche communities is to find the right audience. It's a shame to not reach as many people as you can with such a nice blog post.

Anyway, happy blogging and keep up the good work.