Every human has needed help at some point in life, and it feels great when someone comes through for us. Instead of writing about who once helped us, share with us a time when someone needed your help and you didn't hesitate to help. How did you feel about being able to help, and what was the person's reaction?

Sometimes I imagine a world were everyone bear the burden of his/her next door neighbor like it is his or hers. But is that even possible? The world is probably the way it is because no one really cares. Most people can only be human to those who are related to them in some kind of way, and that is the problem. Enough about about the world, I am no saint myself. Just like many other people, I have failed in many occasions to be human and I am no difference from many others out there. That notwithstanding, there are times when we stretch out helping hands to people; by implication we put smiles on their faces. The joy we bring to their soul through the help we have rendered somehow proffer's to us. For this week's prompt, I shall be shearing few occasions where I enjoyed the happiness that comes along with stretching out a helping hand. Just sit back and journey with me then.

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It was a Christmas holiday, and I have never met the old man in my entire life. Since my both parent were from the same community, I was just walking to my maternal home when I saw this old man struggling with the hills as he was carrying a bag of pure water (sachet water) on his head. With the way he struggled, it was like he would fall before I come anywhere near him. On getting to him, I greeted him and passed, but my mind never rested. It burden me so much that I had to turn back. Getting to the man, I greeted him again and told him that would wish to help him with the bad of pure water on his head. He was so happy and spoke numerous words of blessing to me. I walked very slow along side the man as he told me a little about himself. Of course, an old man who could barely walk would not have been carrying a bad of water on his head while climbing such a hilly ground, the little boy that was suppose to help him out with the house duties have gone for a church convention. The old man was home alone, but not for so long. Very soon the house will be filled as his children along side his grand children will be coming back for Christmas holidays. The man was so happy, it was written all over him. Now not just because he will see his children soon, but also because he met a strange boy whom he could shear his joy with. In all, I had an amazing time with the old man but most importantly, I was happy like never before.

Peter was a very good friend of mine and a colleague as well. As at that time he just started working with Emma Chukas Global Ventures (a company I was working for). We all knew about the issues Peter had with his apartment and the fact that his salary is not wort more than 50k, it was a trying time for him. All of a sudden, Peter's phone developed a fault. It was obviously too much for the young man, but he never gave up. The phone in question was an old "Tecno hot 4", it was so old that we used it to make jokes everyday at work. Peter certainly would not love to continue using that very phone, but he clearly do not have enough money. Remembering that I once said something about wishing to sell my "Tecno Camon 15 Premier" even before his phone damaged, Peter appropriated me to know if I would still want to. Since I do not have enough money to purchase a better one at the time, I simple told him it was just a wish. For some reasons, the condition of Peter bothered me through out the day. On getting to work the next day, I promised to give 20k out of my salary at the end of the month to support him. As that time, it was about one third of my salary, but I just had to let it go before I could free of self of the burden within me. The reaction of Peter on that very day caused goose bumps to completely engulf me. He was so happy that he almost prostrated before me. It was a small money, but it meant a whole lot to the young man.

Indeed blessed is the hand that gives than the one that takes. I might not be an old man, but I have come to realize that within my few years of being here on earth. I just wish many will too. I remain @ernesto6402 and appreciate the time you spent going through my post. One Love✌️

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I love the scripture that says blessed is the hand that gives than receive. I believe when we help, we are luring blessings from above to us. It is good to be of help as there is so much happiness that comes with stretching our hands for help to others. Helping such an old man was indeed something amazing and one would be filled with joy doing that.