Original artwork #4 - Open Brain Monkey - Art worked using Procreate



Final output of Open Brain Mokey

Hello, All welcome to my artwork of the day. I was happy to announce that I purchased this iPad Air for drawing the artwork. It cost me around 48,000 Rs. Already my brother had an iPad I used for nearly a month period. I decided to buy one for myself because it was so useful. And that’s how I entered into the decision of buying my own iPad Air. Show your support to help me to repay the loan amount for iPad Air.

Step-by-step procedure:-

We just need to imagine the artwork which we are going to draw as we are creating here like which region going to be the shadow region and we have to differ the shadow region from the lighting region. Here In the first step as I said I sketched the outline of my imagination.


Here I decided on the shadow region and light region and I used here neon colors as I was really a good fan of neon green and pink colors.


You can clearly notice the mouth region we have differed the mouth region and the difference in density of light is very important for the realistic look.





Here is the final result I always like to fill in more colors as I had an ideology of a number of colors in the artwork to attract the number of viewers. Share your thoughts on my artwork.


Device used:- IPad Air (4th generation ) Software used:- Procreate Time consumed :- 4 hours

WhatsApp Image 2022-08-17 at 9.04.31 PM.jpeg

You have a reach to the end of the blog. I would like to say heart full of thanks for investing your time in my blog up to here. If you have any doubts or any ideas please let me know in the comment section I will be happy to reply to every comment.

Note:- All the images used in this blog are originally captured by me @erode, if sourced somewhere will mention on the source page.

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