Less Attachment to Outcomes Means Less Damage from the Deviations in the Plan


Often times we have a lot of issues in our life because we are attached to things. And we don't learn from the past nor we learn from our present. And that kind of puts us into a lot different situations which we have not computed as of yet. Some of the time such type of the attachments lead to more or less problems in grand scheme of things. So lets discuss what are some of the things that you can do with less attachment.

And by attachment I mean you can be doing any type of the things. Like say relationship, money and many other things that could get you into the relationship issues too. I have my share of those which I suffered from since the past. So I have some experience to share with you.


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Let's discuss how less attachment can help you in life long term.


You Plan something but different Happens

Life is not something that happens in straight line. Your health may be good today but maynot be the same next day. And the same can go for the money and many other small things. That is something I have noticed when life gets a lot of issues in general. I can tell you from experience that having a good plan is necessity. And making better plans and then execute to the end of it is also crucial. A lot of people don't pay attention to that part. And so one has to be focusing on the planning things everyday and also following up on that plan is also required.

Make sure to plan the life and then see what happens as the life goes ahead. And then change the plan accordingly. Some of the time it can be pretty difficult on the side but you can keep going and see where it takes you.


Change means Disappointment in Plans

Yes change does happen every single day. And your plan would be forced to change as life goes ahead. Making changes to the plan is necessary as we keep on going ahead. You will not like what is being changed in your life. But you have to take it as a life and keep moving. Because not everything will go according to you. And you don't have to like what is happening with your life. So you learn from that part too.

Some of the time you have to understand that change happens regardless of how the life happens. You make sure to learn that part and then keep on moving with the change in order to be good with it.


More Expectations Means More Frustrations

You have dreams and the hopes about many things in life. And there is nothing you can do about those expectations. And also the frustrations that would come as the time goes ahead. You would realize that having excessive expectations out of the life leadsto the frustration. You have to learn to realize the potential of the expectations being broken that can be pretty much there too. Learn to have some balance on that front too.


Less Attachment Means Open Approach to Future

You have more options and opportunities in the life when you are less attached. And that means you have to keep going ahead. You have to make sure to be open to new things too. By being always attached to the old you are going to cut out what you have in hand. And that means your openness would be the thing that needs to be handled properly in order to benefit with the changing times.



Time changes a lot of things. So we have to balance our attachment and then keep on changing as the time requires the same. Not all the time you can do that but if you do it the right way things would be easier as the time goes ahead.

Are you attached to a lot of things in life? How do you handle it?

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