What to Do When You're Feeling Lost


I often have those days when I don't know what to do. And the routine just does not add up in the grand scheme of things. We just get bored with the routine. And things just do not move much in our life.

What could be done if we have no form of map with our life. None of us know about what to do and what can be done in the near future. Most of the people are speculating and taking the steps in assumption that it would work.

But often things don't work out and many among us feel lost. And our plans keep on going down as the time goes ahead. And so it's always better to come out of the imposter feelings of we feeling the lost. So now we are going to discuss on how we can take time out of this feeling and move ahead.


Image Credit: Unsplash


Let's discuss how to stop being feeling of lost.

Create New Routine

You may be doing the same thing over and over and expecting different returns from that time and the physical investment. Often we have to keep on changing something everyday in order to make new things come into our life. So if you can change the routine on time things can work out on the feelings.

Routine is what makes the changes in our life. Like when you don't have the change in routine you would be doing the same things over and over. Make one thing different in your everyday routine and you would get one new change.


Ask for Help

Burnout and the boredom is not new. Most of the people go through it. And you have to ask for help in order to develop your bigger change with the life. Some of the time it's better to call for the help. Like say you feel like talking to other people?

You have to go to religious places, parks, library and other social places. When you ask for the help this way you would be getting the contact from the social connections like this. Most of the people don't ask for the help and that can be part of the problem. Change that if possible.


Learn New Skills

We have old skills and that can take us upto some of the limit in the career. Some of the time we have to change the direction of the career. You have to learn something new. And you have to make new difference to your mindset.

Learn new skills, find new job and meet new people. New skills most of the time would get you to meet new people. Also the trends changing can bring in new perspective to those skills and also you would be getting focus towards career improvement too. I'd recommend you to learn new skills in that context.


Small Steps. Small Celebrations

We don't celebrate when we write 1000 words. We just celebrate if we write the book. But we have to move one step at a time. You take small steps towards some of the goal and then you end up celebrating the steps. Some say that when you celebrate even the small steps you get to love your journey.

And that also make the life lot easier and keep you in better mood too. Celebrations have some value. You have to be happy about the small step and the change that you take. You may want to break big things into small steps and then enjoy the journey towards the same.



Life has no map. You go ahead as you are moving with your direction towards the end goal. You may notice that having no map kind of makes things harder but everyone goes with that part. You have to make changes to the life in such way that each day and each step brings you some good feelings. You then don't feel the feelings of the lost.

How have you over the feelings of the lost?