You Can't Create the Future, If You're Stuck in the Past


I came to one realization pretty late and like It took me around 30s in order to see the future. Like future is always created one step at a time. You are not going to see the future exactly as it is viewed.

You have to take steps and make sure to enjoy the life as a journey in order to create the same. If you remain stuck in the past you are not going to have the future that you are dream of. So today I want to discuss how the future is created by not being in past.


Image Credit: Unsplash

So let's discuss how we get over the past and build our future one day at a time.


Past Achievements Don't Matter

We often remain in past because we had the good days in the past. But the past can't be anchor to the future forever. Some of the time we have to move ahead and see how the achievment makes sense if we take them towards the future.

We may have a good childhood and the adulthood but mid age and old age may not be the same. And we have to change the direction from what we are doing as of now and the move towards the new future by letting go of the past.


Past Failures Don't Last Long Unless You Let them

When you stay in the past you feel good. It is like nostalgia. Everyone wants that because the chemical in the body makes you feel good about staying in the feeling like this. So the past good things are always good. But the failures are there too.

You may think that past failures are everything when you fail more often. You don't realize the fact that failure is meant to be forgotten once you realize the root cause of the failure.


Past Circumstances are Not Future Indicator

A lot of past circumstances don't matter much in the future. Like in past parents may stop you from doing something. Or you may have done poorly in the past because you had not much of the resources.

So those sort of the circumstances don't remain the same in near future. Those things change all the time. So you have to consider that past circumstances are meant to be forgotten and you are meant to move ahead in life in general.


Past is meant to be Let Go

Past is called past because we have to move on. And by moving on means not just physically but also you have to let go from the mind as well. You have to consider that some of the time such type of the approach towards the past would be more beneficial.

If you continue to remain in the past you don't do much in the future either. So you build on what you can do now and then decide where the future would be taking you ahead. So you build on what past can do for you.



A lot of us remain in past and we don't find any new anchor to rely on. Some of the time that is because we don't get the opportunity easily. And we have to find out what we can do from existing point to the nearest future. So you have to practice letting go of anything from the past.

Have you learned to let go of past and move towards future one day at a time?