I Fight or I Die!


This is my last chance to bring my wife and kids home if not I watch Maxim kill them before my eyes and I die too. I have to fight to the death for the honour of my family. Help Lord.

I said my prayers and kept my Rosary in my duffle bag as prepared for the fight of my life. I might die or I might live, but only God knows. Maxim, the most feared man in the city. A drug lord, a man hungry for power, a man who operates an underground fight club for money and leisure. A man who saw life as nothing has my wife and three kids in custody for not being able to pay back the money I borrowed from him last year.

I lost my job when the pandemic started, the company where I work folded up and let their staff go. To get another Job in my field of work was difficult. I searched for a job, but got no job which pushed me into borrowing money from Maxim, promising to pay in a month. Now it's been a year. Maxim wants his money no excuse which is why he kidnapped my family. He wants me to fight his best champion for my life and family's or I die.

~ ~ ~


The door to the fighting hall swung open as I was presented to my opponent. People cheering, placing bets, drinking and smoking. The hall lights were immediately dim except for the cage. As I stepped into the cage, I wondered, if I would make it, would I be able to save my beautiful wife and kids? These questions continued to buzz in my head helping me to mute the blatant noise of the audience. Then I caught a glimpse of my wife and kids seated close to Maxim with guns pointed to each of their heads. I guess this is the motivation I needed.

I began to echo the movements of my opponents in the opposite direction as we both circled around each other. We raised our hands up in preparation for blows. He launched a blow at my jaw first, making me lose balance, and immediately I reciprocated back twice in a roll and he staggered back giving me the opportunity to give him a blow to his Adam apple. He held his neck trying to muster up some strength when I took the advantage of striking out at him on his temple.

Cold sweats broke out at my temple as I realised I just poked the bear. He roared in anger as he came for me, launching several blows to my torso and finally wrapping it up with an uppercut blow. I fell to the ground, my vision blurry, pain shooting up my rib cage and I began to bleed to the side of my mouth. Amidst my pain I briefly saw my wife struggling as she said,

"Get up and show them who you are, Mi Campeón!".

I shook my head to clear vision and took on my opponent with all the anger, frustration, and bitterness I had kept buried inside me for the past three years. As I continued to meet my opponent blow for blow, I knew victory was not far fetched from me.

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