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"Eliana! You can't do this! Listen to me!" Clara, Eliana's twin sister said.

Clara and Eliana had been inseparable since birth but it had been six months they had gone without saying a word to each other. Eliana has always been the stubborn twin while Clara is gentle. Eliana was born with auburn hair, blue eyes, ears like that of a fae and tall while Clara was born with black jet hair, brown eyes, and average height. They both came from a combination of a Witch and a Fae. Clara is a full witch while Eliana is half Fae and witch.

Eliana's heart got broken when she lost her lover to the cold hands of death. She was withdrawn, never uttered a word to her sister or parents. She withdrew into her inner space shutting down socializing and locked herself away from the world. Levi, a young man, who was born of a Fae and a witch, fell in love with Eliana. Loved her flawlessly regardless of how the people of the community treated her. They bonded together that Eliana saw Levi as her soulmate not until there was an outbreak of a deadly disease that took away many lives including that of Levi.

Eliana had never felt the pain she felt when Levi took his last breath in her arms. It was as though a part of her soul was ripped out. She couldn't bear the pain so she delved into black magic which she used whenever she visited Levi's resting place to communicate with him at the cemetery. She spent long hours there communicating with Levi on a daily basis and then she made up her mind to bring him back to life using black magic which was forbidden for them.


Clara, her sister, found out what she was about to do and tried talking her out of it, but Eliana being the stubborn one ignored her sister. As Eliana began the rituals to bring Levi back to life, her sister was lurking around in the cemetery looking out for Eliana.

"Eliana, you can't do this? Please, I beg you, this is not the right way to deal with your pain for Levi" Clara said

Eliana gave Clara a death stare and said, *"You can never understand my pain, I need Levi back, he is my soulmate and I don't think I can live on without him!" *

"Please, don't mess with the balance of nature. You know the consequences"

" I don't care! Clara!"

She went to push Clara out of the way from the Circle she had made with salt and mistletoe powder. With that she proceeded with the rituals and Levi was brought back to life. For nature to keep balance, Clara's life was taken and her life was ripped out of her. By the time Eliana discovered her twin sister was dead, it was too late to do anything. She was left with Levi who was not the Levi she knew and loved, but something else, something evil, and something not meant to be in the land of the living.

Describe what you see
I see a cemetery that is old, quiet with dry autumn leaves on the ground. The trees in the image have shredded their leaves which Indicate the autumn season.

Describe what you feel
Looking at the image I felt this sense of geriatric. The headstones gave me a feeling of fantasy in which I could relate to a magical story.

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