The Sealgairean's Sword 5



With the ongoing war, SEAN CONNERY, the leader of the Dorcha clan was watching from a high vintage when he spotted Victor snarling as he grabbed one of his strongest generals by the neck. Sean saw the rage in Victor's eyes as he moved with the speed of lightning. Victor sank his fangs into the Vampire's jugular, brought out his claws, dug into his heart chambers, and brought out his fresh beating heart.

As Victor was to go for his next kill, he saw his long-lost uncle, SEAN CONNERY. He was dressed in all black and a long coat. His white hair was flowing to his neck, and blood-red eyes, all seven feet tall and well built. The legendary SEAN CONNERY is alive and not a myth or fairytale as people say.

Thomas, Elias, Aileana, and Williams sight him at the same time when Victor growled in rage and roared while he lunged toward Sean. Sean had a smirk on his face and laughed hysterically while beaconing Victor with his middle finger to keep coming.

Thomas realized the mistake Victor was about to make because no one was a match for Sean. So Thomas ran after Victor and collided with him in an attempt to stop him. Sean gave a blatant shriek that echoed causing his armies to retreat back and at a speed of light, Sean grabbed Victor and Thomas by the coats and sped away with them. Before anyone could realize what was going on, Victor and Thomas were gone along with the Dorcha armies.

Moments after the war, Aileana began to look for her father, but he was nowhere. Then she thought, maybe he was among the wounded but also could not find him. Heart beating faster, she dropped hard to the ground with her knees and screamed. Elias heard her scream and knew something was wrong. Elias got to her quickly and saw her kneeling with her face in her palms.

"What is the problem?"
"My father is gone, I can't find him! They took him also" Aileana replied

Elias was perplexed as to what she said. He immediately ran towards where their armies were the injured are being treated, to search for Donald, the head of the Sealgairean's clan, but he was nowhere to be found. Elias grunted with anger and threw his sword away in a rage.


As both clans were taking care of the injured, Aileana summoned Williams, the of Victor so that they could discuss and sign the terms of their agreement their fathers were not opportune to do before SEAN CONNERY took them. The agreement was signed with Williams' and Aileana's blood. Then she gave the order for their city gate to be opened and the two Vampire Clans. After the alliance was formed, Aileana went to her quarters because she was in pain, needed to freshen up, and was confused as to why SEAN took her father. She could not stay to assist Elias help the Two Vampire clans (Geal and Roghail) to settle down in their city temporarily because she has to think of how to get her father back alive.

When she got to her room, she quickly undressed her bloody uniform and went to the bathroom to wash off. While she was doing that, Elias was working effortlessly to make sure the two Vampire clans are given a quarter in the south region of their city so that they will not be close to their most important sectors and regions. Why is this so? Because trust is meant to be earned.

Aileana got out of the bathroom when she heard a knock on her door. She opened up and saw her security details with Williams. He was dressed in new set clothes and well cleaned up. Then one of the security details said, * "ma'am he insisted on speaking to you on a crucial issue, since you said no disturbances, we had to let you know"*. Aileana replied, it's okay, let him in.

Williams was given assess to Aileana's quarters with one of the security details using his palmprint. Williams was welcomed with the fragrance of Tulips, her quarters were well lit, with chandeliers suspending for the celling, and the walls were all painted with off-white and grey color paint. There were some classic artworks hung on the wall of the passage which leads to her sitting room, Williams was keen about all the artwork and he was so curious as to who Aileana is deep down.

Williams walked into her sitting room carefully, so as not to hit any of the artworks on the wall down because of his size. Aileana said, "please make yourself comfortable, I will be out in a minute". He replied, "alright, and thank you for agreeing to see me".

After Alieana was done dressing, she was about to come out of her room, when the Alarm system of their city went buzzing. The tiny hairs of her neck raised and in a boost of speed, Williams came to her bedroom with his fangs out, he carried her and sped out of her apartment down to the North region of the city to see what went wrong.

To Be Continued...

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