Breya covers her face due to the bright light beaming off Freyja's form. She then felt Freyja's touch and saw that the bright electric blue light was gone.

"What happened? Why did you glow that way?" Breya asked

"That is my aurora dear. When you unlock yours, it will shine bright also." Freyja replied.

"So how do I begin?"

"First you need to walk into that church which should be where you were born" Freyja said

Breya looked confused and said, "No, I was raised there. I never knew my parents."

"Oh, that means the person who raised you knows about your parents."

"Sister Faith never told me anything about my parents before she died" Breya said.

Freyja was quiet and then she said, "Then it shall be revealed to you in there. This is a journey you have to make on your own and remember you do not feel pain here because your fears and weaknesses will fight against you to prevent you from unlocking your aurora. Now go and I will be here waiting."

Breya swallowed a hard lump in her throat and proceeded towards the catholic church. As she got close to the church, she got cold chills and goosebumps were all over her skin. Her muscles were tense as she was about to touch the doorknob and all of a sudden the door flung open by itself, like an invitation to her. She looked back and saw Freyja floating in the air, in a mediational pose with her eyes closed breaking the laws of gravity. Breya took a deep breath as she stepped inside and the door was slammed behind her with the assistance of what or who? No one knows.

As Breya walked in, she saw a woman with child, writhing pain with Sister Faith and other sisters assisting the woman with child in labour. As she walked closer, she saw that the woman with child was wearing a necklace that had an amber pendant on it which Breya had on her own neck too. Breya touched the necklace on her neck unconsciously and it burnt her finger she then realized it was glowing. She immediately took it off and was inspecting when the woman in labour suddenly spoke to her.

"That necklace is the key to unlocking your aurora. Don't let your fears and weaknesses take it away from you." she said as her body continued to disintegrate into the air.

"No! Wait!" Breya said as she stretched forth her hands to take the woman's hands but she was no more.

Suddenly, there was a dense darkness, no atom of light anywhere except for the glowing necklace Breya was holding up. As she was trying to be sensitive to her environment, there was an impulsive earthquake and a terrible whirlwind. So she began to run as fast as her legs could take her out of the church. As she was getting close to the church, the door flung open and Breya ran out.

When she got out, there was no more earthquake and there was light. As she was trying to catch her breath, Breya realized she was in a totally different place. Like she was back to the physical world but it wasn't. It looked like the city she and Freyja had just left behind. Breya was frozen by place by what she saw.

The air was filled with the stench of burnt skin, sulfur, fresh blood and the sun shone so bright that it could burn the skin. Breya tried to take a step and she realised her legs had sunk in a multitude of human remains. As fear began to creep in, she remembered, "Remember you do not feel pain here because your fears and weaknesses will fight against you to prevent you from unlocking your aurora."

Immediately she began to say, "This is not real! This is not real!". Then there was no smell and the awful feeling of fear was gone. She opened her eyes and realized she was back in the church in the spirit world. So turned toward the door to make her way out but the Six Wendigos that were causing havoc in her city appeared before her. They appeared all seven feet tall, looking hideous, dangerous and with fresh blood dripping from the corner of their fanged mouth.


In a heartbeat, they ran toward Breya in a burst of speed giving her a death blow which sent her flying across the altar and Breya crashed close to the altar. As tried to stand on her feet, one of the Wendigos came like the wind, picking her off the ground by grabbing her by the neck. She was struggling for air when the necklace around her neck glowed which immediately released an invisible force smashing the Wendigo to the floor.

Breya closed her eyes and remembered, "There is no pain". It echoed multiple times at the back of her mind as she braced herself for their income blows. She felt warmth inside her and immediately something magical, magnificent and horrific happened.

Breya's aurora was unlocked!

To Be Continued...

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