You get to meet your soulmate once
I met mine, she was my everything.
Fell for her hard.
Her flaws made her perfect for me.
We clicked together like a magnet.
We got to know each other's weaknesses
We got to know each other's strengths
We got to know each other's deepest secrets.
For three years we were friends
We then became best friends
We never got tired of playing together.
Finally I couldn't hold in my feelings.
I claimed her as mine
We made vows with strong bonds of love
I was hers, she was mine
When I was at my worse,
she loved me regardless
When I was at my best,
She was proud of me
Everyday I look forward to getting home
She was my home
She is still my home
A day is not enough time for us
When she is feeling insecure,
I assure her.
When she need to be held,
I held her and never her let go.
Not until one night,
Cold hands of death took her away from me.
I felt a part of me ripped out brutally
It is beyond repairs
I have cried all my tears out
I have none anymore.
Everyday I go to her resting place.
I plan on spending a few hours there.
Then I end up waking up at dawn.
Now I acquit myself with her resting place.
My soulmate is gone!
Will you come back?
I want to feel your soft curly hair again.
I want to nuzzle at your hair again.
I want to hold you again in my arms.
I want to tell you are beautiful.
I want to tell you I love you beyond the stars.
Beyond the moon
Will you come back?

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