Hello everyone


It another wonderful week, and another opportunity for for you to keep believing in hive and crypto at large, so far this is Monday and the price of #hive is now $0.4 and the trading volume keeps increasing and encouraging.


Since it just the beginning of the year 2023 and we have seen this little change in hive price , I think the price will keep increasing because anything in life is possible and giving up is not an option.

Like I normally say if you want something then you need to sacrifice for it. It may not be really easy to estimate what will come in few days, but if you truly understand hive this may increase your hope for hive and what hive actually stands for, I have some of my folks who do complain what if #hive crash and then all we labor for will just vanish, well la k of the understanding what #hive is, is the reason some people still doubt and easily give up and jump to the next meme coin that is booming and will end up loosing their money.

But one thing that will still remain is crypto and the choice to choose is still left for anyone who is interested. Another way you can make the right decision for #hive is by holding more #hive token Apart from making post and making comments you need hive hive token to make curation and the way it going now when #hive suddenly sees the light. It will be very demanding in order to see big curators to curate your post. You need more #hive to earn more #hive. The more interesting part about hive is you get what you put in because it is a place where people control the system, your efforts speak for you, the effort you put in is what you will gain. Believing in crypto will help you build more hive empires for yourself.

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