self-love is not being selfish (i love me)




Self love begins with loving yourself. Every beautiful inch, no matter what anyone has to say. My job for me was a really stressful one for me and I really had no time for myself and a result to how busy I was , I couldn't even take myself to an hospital until my health deteriorated and this made me quit my job for a stipulated time given by the management. Most of us have been in this position whereby we can't give full attention to ourselves because of how busy we are or something. I couldn't give my self the love because I was also stressed emotionally and mentally stressed by the company. I was advised by the doctor to take care of myself which I did. I went for gymnastics, shopping, manicures and it really felt so good.


I had to go see dermatologist for my skin and a dentist for my teeth. I spoilt myself with love and care knowing I was the only one who could be able to love myself. I turned down many proposals and refused to go back to work even at that stipulated time I was given because I learnt to love myself and give myself that love I really needed and rest too.

It felt like a big win doing alll of that and I glowed More than I should without no dark circles under my eyes. It was the greatest feeling ever going for swimming lessons and letting go of toxic relationship I was into , coupled with the stress of my job.

It's not rude or wrong for me to remove myself from situations or the company of people draining me. I celebrated myself even when it wasn't my birthday knowing I have come so far and grown so much. I spoke kindly to myself.

The world is full of harsh words and critique. I read books and one book changed my life forever. Losing myself in a bookstore was a perfect choice ever made. I walked through the self love aisle and it chosed something great for me. Asides from me looking better than I have been in years, I had the peace of mind I have ever felt in ages. I Always complimented myself and with that, I am fulfilled than ever because I found out asides from working tirelessly in the office, there was something I could do and had the body and figure for it. I went into modelling and currently excelling in it

When we feel stressed, it’s generally because we don’t feel capable of living up to the challenges in front of us. When you have a strong sense of self-love, you’re better able to tackle challenges. Negative feelings and self-critical thoughts compound stress. When we feel good, though, it’s usually easier for us to solve .

Self-love and self-compassion are directly linked. When we have a high sense of self-love, we’re able to look at challenges as temporary setbacks — or even as opportunities for growth. This attitude help us more resilient.

I have made so many wins and excited I came this far and took care of myself perfectly.

I have no regrets loving myself cause it helped me realize so many things about myself and I did things I hardly have time or thought I will ever do. Who ever thought I would be able to swim perfectly?
Who ever thought the little space and time I used to take care of myself would actually change my my sense of thinking of my self.

thanks for reading