Beauty and Colorful Tulips Flower


Purple color

Tulips are beautiful flowers as mascots from the land of the Dutch windmills. However, even though I have never been to the Netherlands, I am very grateful to be able to see and visit the tulip flower exhibition, which is held annually in Taipei city, which is located in Shilin Park not far from where I live. So it's been two years since I've been able to see these beautiful flowers.

Combination color***

The color of tulips varies, beauty is one of the flowers that gets the attention of the whole world. Although many people know that this flower comes from the Netherlands, actually the origin of the Tulip flower is from Central Asia, namely Turkey. It was the Turks who brought the tulips to the Land of the Windmills.

The word Tulip itself means Turban. However, the expertise of the Netherlands in cultivating and introducing tulips to the international scene is extraordinary. So that people often talk about Tulips, they will certainly juxtapose it with the Netherlands, a country with the nickname the land of windmills.

When I visited the tulip flower exhibition in Taipei city, I was really amazed by its beauty and colors. There are red, purple, yellow, pink, to a combination. It's really pleasing to the eye.

Yellow color

The visitors who come all scramble to take pictures and capture the beauty of the tulips. Including me too. Who didn't want to miss taking out the camera that I brought with me and blending in to take pictures of the beautiful flowers. Because so far I have never seen tulips, so this can be a memory when I return to Indonesia.

Orange color

In this post I display photos of the beauty of tulips, hopefully they can provide beauty for all of my friends to welcome the weekend tomorrow. Hope friends like it.

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