Ladies of Hive Community Contest #118 ~ I Just Roll With The Wave


Where would you like to be in five years? Where do you see yourself?

Actually, this particular question needs a critical thinking, I guess that's one of the reason I decided to answer the question.

Although many of us has our life planned but some times, we kind of feel confuse and have anxiety because it's either life isn't going the way we had planned or its not just working like we planned.

Notwithstanding, as human, we tend to plan out lives or should I say wish and hope to see ourselves somewhere different from our now, at a certain stage in our lives and this can cause disappointment if reality hit us and we are not where we had planned to be at that stage of our lives.

When I was younger, I had plans of where I would be if I am opportune to be alive in my twentieth years of my life but now, I am in my late twenties and those expectations have not been met yet, I am not going to beat myself rather I am going to hope that my other expectations and much more are met.

So, yeah, I hope to finish my schooling, get married, get a career, have a house of my own, start up some chains of business, have kids may be three of them but then, they are just thought, they may never happen like I wish them to happen because most times, like they say, "life happens."

So, yeah, while I wish to have these things, I can only cross my fingers and just keeping working and hoping life favours me and my dreams are met.

Here is my entry to the Ladies of Hive Community Contest #118