Basics on Game Play we are planning


Ahoy there, intrepid Adventure Gower!

Welcome to this most wondrous of days - the day when we discuss the future of our beloved adventure game. I must say, I'm filled to the brim with anticipation and excitement for what possibilities await us. We can imagine the world being explored, the characters being explored, the story being explored, and much more!

I'm so eager to hear your thoughts on how you see the game playing out.
What do you think the journey should look like?
Are there any particular elements or themes you'd like to see emphasized?
What kind of levels and enemies should we include?

Every detail matters in these grand adventures, so I'm all ears! Let us together explore the possibilities of our grand adventure.

Here are the basics of what we are planning already.

The game is not yet coded; this is how we see the game playing; it may change over time and adjust based on feedback. We are currently working on getting the cards minted,
No coding work has yet been done on the engine.


The battles will consist of, at first, 1 v 1 card play, but then more giant brawls with more cards will be added with 1, 3, or 5 Characters on each team. These characters can be supplemented with a limited amount of Buff cards purchased using the in-game currency.

Each battle will have stage effects based on the 13 lands that modify how some cards work, making some more powerful or adding strange effects to the field in negative or positive ways.

The game will play out like an auto-battler, with all the abilities and battles taking effect automatically and any in-game effects resolving with small player input after the player submits their cards.

ACTION points Are Key

Standard Stats

Each Relmling has a base of 4 Action Points they start with in combat to assign to boost their base stats.

Base stats are the stats listed on the Unique NFT cards like the one below

Relmlings_9.pngLand of Birth : Clound land
Standard Raity (Green Frame)
Heart 4
Cloud 1
Cross 2
Lighting 3
Gold 3
No arrmor bounus

Base stats that Action Points can be added to:

  • Heart: How much health the card Has
  • Cross: How much Defense does the card has
  • Cloud: How fast the card is
  • Lighting: How much damage the card does

Each Player has 1,440 Energy Points (EP) they can use in a day (60 min x 24 hours)

  • Combat reduces the daily energy
  • 15 Energy points deducted per match
  • Players can do about 96 consecutive battles in a 24 hours period
  • Bonuses can reduce the energy used in combat
  • Buffs can add Energy back
  • Energy Re-generates over 24 hours
  • Energy regenerates at 1 Energy Point per minute of Non-Combat play. ** Energy regeneration stops in combat
  • At 0 Energy, the player can not compete in combat until Energy Points regain
  • This will I hope reduce the farming / constant playing

Rules / Main Game Play Phases (WIP)

Pre - Battle Phase

  • Players select to engage in battle.

Option comes up Bribery: Players will have 3 choices of bribes they can pay to the game to change some of the initial set conditions.

1 - Pay to select the arena of battle
2 - Pay to select an in-game modifier like a debuff (Thunderstorm)
3 - Pay to reduce the AP (Action Points) of their opponent.

The Price of the bribe is determined by the amount of $TT in the Play-To-Earn pool. The lower that total is, the cheaper the bribe is, the more it has in it, and the more expensive the bribe is.

After the Bribery option is set
The Player is paired up randomly with another player seeking to battle.
When players are paired
15 Energy points are deducted from each player
Energy point regeneration stops
Players enter the Battle Prep Phase

Battle Prep Phase

A random arena is picked based on the 13 lands for the battle to happen within.
The arena is based on one of the 13 lands.
Different lands provide different stat modifiers, positive and negative
Different lands provide other elements that can hinder or help gameplay.
The arena is selected (Randomly or by bribe) and presented to the players.

The Unpredictable: Random modifiers are selected and added to the game screen. These can be good or bad, like thunderstorms or lucky days to earn more treasure. Each player gets the same “Unpredictable” stats.

—-> Players are Enabled

Each player then selects the Relmling they wish to use for combat based on the ones that they own as NFTs.

Any “Citizen Bonus” or “Birth” Bonuses/debuffs are assigned to the player based on the arena of combat and armor sets.

Each player can select to add on a “BUFF” or buy a “BUFF” to help them in the combat phase.

Each player is assigned the Action Points (AP) they can assign to their Relmling for combat.

Action Points

Action Points (AP) = Base AP (4) + Land modifiers + Any Buffs + Bonuses

The player can then assign the AP’s to their stats to increase their chances of winning in the current round based on how they want to play.

Setting Combat Style for 3 rounds

Players set what Combat Style they wish to play AND in what order
They must select one for each potential round.
After 3 rounds, the order of play will repeat.

They player will have to select in what order the three Combat Styles are played in.

Defense: + 4 to Defense
Offense: + 4 to Attack
Rest: - 4 all stats (not health)

In a 3-round game, each of the Combat Styles will be triggered in a 6-round match, each one if triggered two times. Players and opponents can have different Combat Styles set in different orders. This makes it a bit of a strategy to think about.

Players are given 3 minutes to divvy up and set the AP into the stats they wish and Combat Style.

If the 3 minutes are up and no play style is confirmed or AP, AP and Playstyle will randomly be divided up, and the game will start.

Battle Phase

Unless otherwise stated on land or random modification, the fastest card will have the first action.

If both cards are tied, the player who entered combat first is selected
If both are entered at the same time, then a random number is picked, and that player will go first.

Combat loop

The fastest card goes first. This is Player 1

Attack = Combat Style + Lighting AP + Bonuses
The next player is Payer 2
Player 2 needs to get their Defense
Defense = Combat Style + Cross AP + Bonuses
Damage = (Player 1 Attack - Player 2 Defense) =
Player 2 health = Health - Damage

Is Player 2 health 0 or less than end combat
If no, player 2 gets to attack

Each player previously selected the order they want to play the 3 Combat Styles
After 3 rounds, the first combat Style of that player is played again.
The loop goes on until one of the players reaches 0 or less health.
The player who gets to 0 first loses, the other player is the winner
Battle loop is set as a draw after 100 rounds of combat (No infinite loop)

Post-Battle Phase

Winning Player

Treasure Tokens (I am not sure on the math here, I Need help on this)

Current Energy = Energy Points

(Total rewards available) Look at the total $TT in Play to Earn Pool; divide that by the average number of matches over the last 24 hours

Look at the player's Energy Points (EP); if they have a lot of EP, they earn more rewards; closer to 0, the player will get fewer rewards.
Earnings = Players Energy points (some math) Total rewards available = Earnings in $TT for the player

The winning player is given the earning from the match

The player earns (Experience Points) that will reset after 30 days. This will be a way to track skilled players and match them better in the future.

Losers do not receive anything but will have their Experience points reduced.

Battle Story (lovely to have in the future)

As the match happens, a battle story is generated below the match.
The battle story is then presented from the first-person perspective of the player who is viewing it.

Example: Battle in an Ocean Arena with Thunder debuff

You dive into the arena located deep under the sea
In the surrounding thunderstorm, you do battle with a relmling from the Mountains. They have no matching armor. 
the First attack round, you lose 5 health
In your counter attack, you deal 10 damage to your foe 
You are victorious and claim 10 Treasure Tokens
Your enemy limps away, defeated 

Stories can have generic phrases that can be swapped out for different lands and conditions. Or AI-generated stories based on input from matches.


Well, there you have it, the basics of the battle gameplay all laid out for you, adventurer.

  • What do you think?

GOt feed back, hit us up on Discord or below.

We're also looking for more people to collaborate with to bring this game to life.
If you want to help, head to our Discord LINK, say hi, and check out the job listing section.


Treasure Token ($TT) Pre-Sale

LINK on Tribaldex:

LINK of Leodex:

  • Total $TT Pre-Minted: 100,000,000
  • Total HIVE looking to raise: 60,000.000000

When the game is live, the target price of $TT will be 0.001200

If we sell all the pre-sale tokens, 50% of the sale would be powered up to start claiming account tokens and running community events.

The other 50% would be sold, and we would use those funds to pay for initial hosting and other much-needed equipment/skills/BEE tokens to take the project to the next phase.

Thank You for Joining us on This Adventure!




Congratulations and I'll keep an eye out for your token!


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