A poem on nature for the creative sunday



Hello everyone, how are you doing today?
It's another Sunday and a good day to explore our creative skills, and it is gives me a chance to improve my writing. So, this week I will be doing a poem on Nature.
My inspiration for writing on nature is the benefits I have enjoyed from nature, and seeing the way nature works without being checked or directed by anyone yet they still work effectively. Seeing the way nature works has been a major amazement in my short time on earth, it is really a blessing to mankind. Nature is free, and majorly why we take nature for granted is because it is free.


As I write this poem,
I feel the breeze on my skin,
I see the green pasture,
Everything is so beautiful,
The creature is wonderful.

Sometimes I wonder,
How nature take care of its own,
How they function without human input,
Perhaps, they have an instructor hidden to us,
Or it’s their self will,
I guess i’ll never find out.

Despite my questions,
I still remain puzzled,
Baffled by their works,
It’s magnificence,
The wind blowing,

Sun, moon, and stars taking turns,
The trees making waves here and there,
Yet there is no conflict amidst them,
So peaceful they function,
They do this with so much ease.

Comparing the natural and artificial,
Nature beats artificial every time,
The benefits nature gives to us,
It is overwhelming.

A lot I have learnt studying nature,
Its importance is topnotch,
Yet it doesn’t elevate itself above its value,
What a blessedness it is to be surrounded by nature,
A blessing given to humanity.


• The poem shows us the importance of nature and what essence of nature, as nature is beneficial to man. The air we breathe and everything we enjoy, nature is good. Comparing nature to artificial making, nature comes through every time.