The unforgiven; a poem for the creative sunday initiative


Hello everyone, how are you doing today?
It's another beautiful day to showcase our creative minds in the creative sunday initiative and as usual I will doing a poem, this one is titled, "The Unforgiven". It talks about forgiveness being the criteria for moving on after being hurt, holding on to a grudge or pound of flesh, vengeance is not an option, it will only make you bitter still. The best way to move on is to forgive, let it go. Holding on to a pain or hurt and looking for an opportunity to revenge is like locking up yourself in a prison for so long, only to discover only you have the keys to your freedom.
My inspiration for writing this poem is a personal experience I had a long time ago, I couldn't bring myself to forgive someone but I wasn't really myself. After a while, I discovered I was being hurt anytime the person is around while the person enjoyed himself and had fun with his life, so I took a different route, I let it go and here I am today singing the good song. The poem is below, enjoy:


Stabbed, Bruised, Shattered,
Yet lay me down in peace,
Suffering from two hurts,
The pain from the wounds,
And the bitterness I feel inside,
Getting well is not my priority,
But collecting my pound of flesh.

Vengeance! Vengeance!! Vengeance!!!
This was my favorite song,
My daunted heart keeps yelling for vengeance,
Seeking opportunity for revenge,
So much hatred in a person,
I became the devil’s assistant.

Caged in the prison of unforgiveness,
Yet I thought I was free,
I thought revenge would make the pain go,
I thought I was doing right by myself,
But instead I grew worse by the day,
My anger and hatred began to spread,
I became a thorn in the flesh of others.

A monster I am becoming,
Because I could not bring myself to forgive,
Who then shall save me from this self imprisonment?
Who else could save me but myself?
A prisoner in his self made prison.


• Forgiveness is doing you more good than the person you are forgiving, it is releasing yourself from prison. An unforgiving state is a terrible state to be in. The poem points to things we pass through in the state of the unforgiven, showing that only you can release yourself.

Thank you for your time.