My Simpsons Weekly Painting; 'Puzzled Comic Book Guy'

Comc book guy8.png

This week, my Simpsons painting would be of Comic Book Guy. Sadly, I had to move the date forward cause I currently have no access to my system and this is the only free work I have saved on my smartphone.

Comic Book Guy is a legend. One of those Simpsons characters that you can't do away with. What he lacks in upper body strength, he makes up for in brains and details as well as a classic collection and head knowledge of both comic books and action figures.

The confidence in his voice shows that the dude who plays the role either became one or was one

The reference image is very iconic as the cup you see is actually a Bongo comic being out in a plastic bag for safe keeping. I decided to try something different and see how real it'll look. I agree that that's not the best color for a plastic cup but eh.....we learn everyday.

Comc book guy8.png

These are the drawing procedures.....
Comc book guy.png

Comc book guy1.png

Comc book guy2.png

Comc book guy3.png

Comc book guy4.png

Comc book guy5.png

Comc book guy6.png

Comc book guy7.png

Comc book guy8.png

Thanks for sharing your time with me.