Rick Sanchez 'Through the Portal': A Before and After Painting

rick sanchez8.png

One of the characters I painted when I started making digital pieces was Rick Sanchez. Back then, I had no basic knowledge of how everything should be. I was only going with the flow. Over the past months, I've come to notice, realize and learn certain things and techniques that I believe have aided my understanding of this art.

One of the things I learnt was that with the proper set of layers you can achieve almost any effect. I learnt this while seeing some you videos on YouTube and trying it out myself. I sincerely wish I had seen them before starting.

So many months down the line, I decided to measure my progress just as I've been doing. And I arrived at this.....
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rick body f.png

rick sanchez8.png

These are the drawing procedures....
rick sanchez.png

rick sanchez1.png

rick sanchez2.png

rick sanchez3.png

rick sanchez4.png

rick sanchez5.png

rick sanchez6.png

rick sanchez7.png

rick sanchez8.png

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