Monomad Challenge: A friend who poses when I take a photo


Hello everyone, how are you today, I'm back again with my black and white visuals that you might like and this is my entry for the #monomad challenge. This time I'm back with some visuals that I made some time ago, this is a friend who wanted to be photographed when we were at the campsite in the Mount Salak area, North Aceh, We camped in a park that belonged to me, my friend, and after a very long night good long with stargazing, the morning sun rises very beautifully that morning, they are ready to be photographed because we will return to our respective homes at noon, so I help them make some styles when I take photos, and maybe you will find visual similarities in their social media accounts because I have sent some files for those who really want to share on their social media but I also ask permission to use some of their photos for my content to share with you guys, and I hope you guys like my content today here and have a nice day.




You are happy with my current work, and I will be happy if you like this latest work. Have a good time!!!

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