Update # 4 - Lets get Splinterland players active on HIVE - Newbies lets win some RC

I really want to get more people active on HIVE and alot of new Splinterlands players are afraid to due drainnig thier RC which they need for rentals... however its a bit catch 22 because if they posted on HIVe they would quickly earn HP and RC would be a thing of the past so I am creating a series with the following offer and will update as needed so people are aware.

Ok want everyone to have a chance at getting in on hive giveaways, but know people are afraid of losing rc, so if you enter some contests on hive like this one and let me know by tagging @failingforwards I'll delegate hp for as long as you active on hive until you can build some of your own !

So get to it, get active and start winning some cards

But wait there is more

Drop your post below and I will upvote it with all the HIVE, 1UP and SPT I can muster as well as drop some !PIZZA

Look forward to the comments!


Update #3

The following have reached out and received some HP