Becoming a Rental Baron - My rental journey

Ok so with the changes in Splinterlands reward system, if your not in the iter one of your league and owning it you're going to struggle. This is a big change from the highest league you could complete a quest in bagging you more rewards. It is now better to sit in a comfortable lower league IMO the hit 50% loss rate, as they say quantity has a quality all of its own.

So I was in Gold 3 on CP and pushing for more CP, however now I am dropping down to Silver 1 so I decided why not rent the card I don't use. One other change has been that focus only pays out for a set splinter, so on the rare chance I get stuck with Life I am going to rent a set of cards, better to rent out my odd life card for 7 days and rent for 1 then try to hold ono it just in case.

Ok so I have never rented before, so this is my results for the first 4 days.

Rentals over Time

As you can see i started on a high and dropped down, I think this is a mix of starting jsut after season end when some people had some big bids still in and also me not playing the market over the weekend to get my rentals sorted out.


Who loves Gold

I was intrested to see if my gold foils where holding up better or worse then the rest of the market. to be honest it has stayed pretty on trend right now :)


Rentals at price points

Because I am still playing I can jsut rent out my top cards, so I am going for a mix of doubles or unused splinters. ONe big problem I have is alot of reward commons from when I was building CP up, however these have a bottom floor price so are not great for people renting to grow thier CP up, and often jsut sit there unless someone throws in a crazy low bid. You can see them lurking at 0.1 DEC


Ok but which price points earns the most money?

Well it turns out that one or two big ticket item smashes a alot of lower ones, in fact 20 dec ards are the best mix of quanity and quaility for rentals


Any big clients?

I joke when I use clients but I wanted to see how many people are renting lots of my cards and its not alot, however if you look close some bot acconuts jumped in.


Final question, is there a better way to orgnaise my rentals? Could we have an auto bot that lowered and raised with the tides, with a minimum set?