Win a $1 eccecny upvote!

Yep you heard that right, share your favourite post below and I'll chose my favorite and give it an $~1 upvote.

But failingforwards your upvotes trash at $0.05 how are eyou giving out $1 upvotes?

Through the power of @ecency !

OK so ecency is a front end for using hive and by using it you gain ececny points


Now these points can be used to boost a post and earn you a walking being upvote from ececny


And I just so happen to have alot of points ready to go


The rules

  1. OK so no upvotes are needed but a reblog is! This is because I want to share the love to a wider audience!
  2. Post your favourite blog in the comments, now this blog will get the boost so make sure your happy with it and it is current for the next 3 days
  3. In a few days I'll choose the best one to me and boost it for sweet sweet upvotes