Bought 'Fantasteen' (Local Fantasy Books)... Cheap πŸ’ΈπŸ’Έ . Do you Like Fantasy Books?



My books order package arrived a few days ago (more than a week ago). There were 7 books. The seven books are "Fantasteen" books, from Indonesia (my country). "Fantasteen" is fantasy novels and comics, the target is teenagers. Do you like fantasy books (novels/comics)?

I bought the books through an online shopping application called Shopee. 4 of the 7 books are novels, the price was IDR 8,900 each. While the other 3 are comics, the price was IDR 7,900 each. They were cheap weren't they? Indeed, most of the books were not sealed.






By: Akbar Suganda



● You know, crossroads can hold a lot of weird stuff? Perhaps a crossroads is simply a place where roads meet one another. However, it could be that a story once lived there. We never know right, what events have been recorded and owned by a crossroads? Even so, the crossroads is still the right place for you to choose.

Several times Key and Chris got lost at a crossroads in the woods while searching for the residence of their new employer, Mr George. No one wanted to live in the woods, except for George's family. To reach it, they must pass through a dense forest full of evil aura. Rumor has it, something resides there, and is ready to prey on anyone.

"Listen, when someone is in despair and it makes him suffer, he will definitely pray to God. I also often pray to God, even though I'm not a religious person," said The Beggar to Key and Chris. "However, it's not only God who can hear your prayers. There's something else that can hear your requests too. Be careful!

He's a demon..." ●


β–  REFLECTION (a Novel)

By: Genta Ginting



● I'm afraid of mirrors. I have a phobia of my own reflection. Don't be weird! You need to know, the person who appears in the mirror is not me. There was a ruthless honey-eyed woman looking at me.

There is no mirror in the cell where I live. I have to live the days in a confined space and can't do anything. Only the doctor understands my situation. We chatted a lot and he told me things I never knew. He says all this time I was in coma.
Hah? Have I been in a coma all this time? ●



By: Vira Eka



● Do you believe that there is a time machine in this world? Sumoukil, a scientist from Andalusia has succeeded in making a time machine. While Thomas Drake, he is known as a time traveler from the 22nd century. Thomas is on a mission to come to 2016 (21st century). His job is to convey some facts that happened in the 22nd century, so that people in the 21st century can anticipate and hope to change the future for the better.

Like you and most people, Laura is very interested in time machines, even though she knows that some scientists go missing and never come back after using them. Laura along with Marsa and Lucio are desperate to operate a time machine. A loud shock stopped their journey through the passage of time. They believe they have arrived in the 22nd century. Can Laura and her two friends return to the present? ●


β–  HUNTED: (a Novel)

By: Mahesi Moktikanana



● Yunda found an old album while cleaning the warehouse. In the album, this tomboy girl finds a photo of her father while walking through Meru Betiri National Park, in East Java. Apparently at that time her father was in charge of tracking the whereabouts of the Manusia Siwil. A dwarf whose whereabouts are still a mystery.

Since then Yunda began to find out about the Manusia Siwil. She dug up various sources, ranging from the internet, encyclopedias, to old newspaper articles. However, her question remained unanswered. Seeing Yunda's great curiosity, her father took her to visit Meru Betiri during the school holidays. Yunda is very excited. She is determined to unravel a mystery that has never been solved by her father.

When the holidays arrived, it turned out that Yunda's father was unable to leave. Yunda and friends are desperate to go alone. What experiences do they have in the forest? Why do their photos always disappear? Will Yunda get acquainted with Manusia Siwil? ●






● Mai's poor family, inherited from their rich ancestors, a large house with many rooms. Confused as to what they should do with the magnificent but shabby house, Mai finally proposes to use it as an inn in a remote part of the city.

However, is there anyone who voluntarily becomes an employee and is only paid with free food and sleep? Like a miracle, the employees arrived. What kind of employees are they? ●



By: Harits M. Silalahi, Aliya Paramesthi H., Hasan Arifin, Fajar Rizki T., Mustafa Kamal



● Novira accidentally meets a giant creature. The creature was about to eat Novira, but for some reason, he refused, and instead gave Novira a challenge. Within ten days, Novira had to find a bell, which the giant had been searching for four hundred years. And every day, Novira's fingers will turn black one by one, when all her fingers have turned black, the giant will come back to eat Novira. Day after day passed, Novira's fingers began to turn black. Did he manage to finish this ten finger game? ●



By: Zoraya Yonita, Egi Dian, Adhi Kurniawan, Agustian Noor, Dhang Ayupratomo



● Luna once dreamed about a house in which there was a red door. In her dream, if she enters the red door, then Luna will be trapped in a very scary world. Currently Luna and her family are moving house, because Luna is sick and has to live in a cool place for her treatment. Luna's new house was exactly as it appeared in her dream, and inside the house there really was a red door. ●


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