I don't expect it to be easy, I hope to win

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In whatever you aspire to, be prepared to stand your ground and fight, for no purpose comes without a fight, that's why I never stop trusting myself that I would win, I know that confidence is the first step towards prosperity. In the time of my school days, my teacher used to say that, "He would not give his students an assignment that he thought was easy, but he would give his students one that he feels is difficult because he wants his students to do better." he used to urge us, every day in the assembly hall, to go home and do our homework.

In one particular assignment, I couldn't get it right until the very end, for a class of fifteen students, only two students got the correct answer, he congratulated those two but also told the rest of his students that he appreciates our efforts. for not doubting ourselves but above all, trusting that we could do better than him.

My school years were like a movie because the things I experienced were too many, which made me support "days school are better than boarding schools" motion. However, I think that I was wrong in my ideas at that time, because it was not true, those hard challenges that I went through at that time, make me not to see any pain now, I become strong in each area in which I found myself, because nothing hurt anymore, the least training I received in school never matched the ones I experienced after my senior high school.

Since then I don't expect anything to be easy but I am ready to face any situation that I find myself, it makes me strong enough to fix my things even when I was a 16 year old boy, back then when I reported to my parents that, the school is like a cage, all the time is for studies and extra moral activities, my dad's response was "If I want to be able to count to one hundred, I must start now to practice the numbers that follow after one hundred". By then I was confused of his words, but now I can see to the extent that he saw.

That if I want to be strong, I must do strong things and anything I want to acquire, I must prepare myself to acquire it twice, so that the flow will be constant.

Thank you for reading my self motivational post, have a nice day.


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