C/The City of Neoxian: Determined to be Great

Warmest greetings to everyone.

This is my first time making a post here. I was introduced to this community through a post by @merit.ahama, for which I am grateful, so thank you all.

I am a boy who has that love for music. It gladdens me to see myself struggling on instruments

Indeed, music is life. I wonder what this life would have been without music. With music, everything in life is easier, most especially seeing yourself on stage performing. It gives you joy. Talk more about playing the instruments yourself. That is the most a man can be proud of. With music, you can win someone's heart.

Personally, I cannot do without music because that's my joy and happiness. Taking away music from me is like taking half of my body away from me.

I do have my friends that we do go out with instruments together, that live band, and people do invite us for their programs, such as:



Crusade e.t.c

I feed myself, clothe myself, and so many others through music.

Music is life.

I do think of how to get to the stage where my senior instrumentalists are right now. People like SMJ, my mentor, he does play the instruments for Tim Godfrey. He is amazing. The thought of how I started playing the instruments looks very funny to me because it was very stressful, but I never gave up till I met my target and today I am happy for that. Imagine me learning the piano without someone by my side to be monitoring me and correcting me. That was how it was chock-full for me, but today it is something different. I celebrate God's grace upon my life.

Today I can teach others what I know. It's indeed amazing. That was a great determination and good move. I took not minding how stressful it was. I still press on.

You can also do that music is for everyone, it's not for selected people. It's your determination.

Pictures of me playing the piano

I can now speak more confidently than I could when I didn't know anything about music or instruments.


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