Hi lovely people,
It's another beautiful moment to bring forth my heartfelt and experience to this platform which could add value or save someone at the verge of giving up with similar experience.

Waking up this day, the word burnout stirred up in my heart and I remembered vividly how devastating it could be. I intend to explain what burnout is, highlight some symptoms and how one can overcome it.

What's burnout?

Burnout is another form of stress that an individual is exhausted as a rest of lack of adequate rest. Burnout affects the physical, mental and emotional being of humans. When burnout is not properly managed it could lead to critical condition that can cause death to an individual.
Burnout normally reduces the efficiency of someone's activity and productivity because you're exhausted.

I have realized most of the people that I know very hardworking eventually collapsed due to inability to notice burnout hence this also inspired me to drop this note.

What are the symptoms of burnout?

Some of the symptoms of burnout includes;

  • Helplessness. When you're burnout, you'll begin to feel as if you're helpless because you've exhausted even the little quantum strength you have. There won't be good coordination of things.
  • Failure becomes uncontrollably because you're wore out. You won't be able to produce any result therefore most of the things you attempt to do will end up in failure.
  • When there's lost of motivation certainly shows that one is burnout. What inspires you to work? What keeps you going in the journey of life? When the main factor that triggers your movement slacked definitely it will affect your output.

What are the causes of burnout?

There are so many causes of burnout however I'll highlight few thus;

  • Lack of division of labor. Most organisations have a challenge of succession and sustainability simply because they didn't raise others neither did they inculcate the vision into their subordinate. Work need to be shared some everyone can give his quota to the enhancement and development of such organization. When there is no trust it also affects the circulation of work.
  • When there's no proper planning and good management culture, certainly expect burnout. Is not everything you go for and also do at a time. When you don't have schedule then everything that comes will get at you and you'll find yourself doing some activities outside the core of your assignment. Have a scale of preference and order of priority.
  • Overworking. Hmmm this factor really affected me sometimes back. I normally tell people that work no dey finish and you'll die and leave the work and others will still continue with it. Never you overstretched yourself but instead do the work bit by bit.
  • When you set an unrealistic target definitely you won't be able to achieve it hence can easily lead to burnout. Please ensure that your target or goals are smart, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and bounded by time.
  • Lack of evaluation or appraisal. When you don't appraise yourself, you would think everything you're doing is right and accurate. Always take stock periodically.

How to overcome burnout?

  • Don't accumulate every task for yourself alone try to engage other people even if they're not competent as you are.
  • Eat adequate diet. Don't stay hungry but ensure that you eat at the right time.
  • Create time for recreational activities like jogging, indoor activities etc.
  • Plan your schedule and rest very well.
  • Don't stay in isolation but associate with good friends.

I have been burnout before due to the aforementioned factors/causes however the remedy given above really helped out.
Don't die in silence. If you don't rest you'll be given a bed rest, if you refused it then you'll be laid to rest. Please endeavor to rest is one of the greatest remedy of burnout.

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Sometimes, I believe we should just find a way to give ourselves enough rest to avoid burnout. What an educational post.